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Monthly Cheese Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes are the perfect gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays are over!
If you are thinking about gifting a box, come prepared with the required information or email to sign-up:

Recipients name, email, phone number, how many months/ when do you want it to begin (Ie. Jan), any allergies, and to be aware that the pick-up is the third Sunday of every month from 1pm - 2pm. If this time does not work, you are able to pick up the box during regular store hours.

We will always try our best t
o accommodate request, however we can not make any guarantees.

Our boxes are available in one, three or six month options.
One Month = $90.00
Three Months = $255.00
Six Months = $480.00

Each box contains 4 different cheese (approx. 500 - 600g of cheese total), one of which will have never been in the case. Each cheese will have an accompaniment with it. For example we have paired a triple cream cheese with house made rice Kripsy squares. You will also receive a detailed write-up on each cheese, each pairing i.e. why we chose it,  and suggestions on other pairings as well (wine, beer etc.)

Please note: We are not offering a subscription box during the month of December

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